At Patches Asphalt we adopt a “no job is too big or too small” approach to our business. Road and driveway maintenance is how our company commenced operating and still remains an important part of our overall business structure. This is evident through our association with ACTEW with whom we have a contract for their entire asphalt maintenance program.

Despite the characteristics of flexibility and durability, asphalt and bitumen surfaces will eventually show signs of deterioration through constant traffic movements, the effects of water and oxidation. As the surface cracks, “crazes” (segments) and breaks up, in time this will necessitate the need for maintenance in the form of patching.

Both bitumen seal and asphalt pavements can be resealed or in the case of asphalt overlaid as part of a periodic maintenance program. This is completed when the condition of the existing surface requires the application of new bitumen binder and aggregate or a new layer of asphalt to restore one or more of the functions of the original pavement. This provides a new surface on which vehicles run and re-water proofs the pavement.

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