Is your driveway causing you problems?

  • New development / dwelling and not sure what surface to use?
  • Dusty in the dry weather?
  • Muddy when it’s wet?
  • Concrete that is cracked and / or broken?
  • Uneven brick paved surface?
  • Uncomfortable to drive on because of pot holes, wash outs or corrugations?
  • Overgrown with grass and weeds?
  • Unsafe to drive on?
  • An eye sore?

If your answer is yes to any of the above then Patches Asphalt can put an end to your rough ride or costly maintenance and add value to your property or development. A safe, all-weather, durable pavement is attractive and comfortable to drive on all year round, and real estate agents say well surfaced driveways can add up to 20% to the value of residential properties.

Patches Asphalt offers either Asphaltic Concrete (also known as hotmix) or Bitumen Spray Sealing surface treatments for your driveway solution. We can also provide full preparation and construction for rural and suburban residential driveways and property access roads.

Why should you use bitumen or asphalt for your driveway surface?
Both bitumen and asphalt offer a number of benefits that make these surfaces more attractive than concrete. These include, but are not limited to:

  • generally cheaper than concrete and the larger the job the greater the saving through a reduction in the price charged per square metre or tonne
  • semi flexible pavement therefore has more give in the surface
  • can be driven on the day it is completed
  • easier to repair
  • can be resealed or overlaid without removing the existing surface

Asphalt (hotmix) is the better surface solution for suburban driveways and for working in small tight areas such as landscaping. Asphalt can be laid at various depths with the need for this depending upon the size and weight of the vehicles that will be using the area on a permanent basis and the gradient or slope. A great way to complement an asphalt driveway is to lay a header / soldier course of pavers along each side as edging.

In most occasions rural driveways, because of their larger size and the cost effectiveness of the product, are completed using bitumen spray seal in a two coat 14mm / 7mm bitumen chip application. Some customers in a rural setting decide to use both bitumen seal and asphalt. In these cases bitumen seal is applied on the long driveway with asphalt being laid in and around the garage apron and in any area in front of the house such as a semi - circular driveway.

Patches Asphalt guarantees the quality of our work because we undertake hotmix or bitumen spray sealing operations with the latest equipment and we use a skilled and experienced work force.

Please take the time to visit our photo gallery, via the tab above, where you can view driveways that we have completed and are a testimonial to the quality of the work that we complete.

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