Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen Spray Sealing is the most common road surface used in Australia. It is a flexible pavement product that can also be used as a surface treatment in numerous situations including:

  • Rural driveways
  • Rural roads and properties
  • Urban & residential streets
  • Highways
  • Sub-divisions
  • Car parks
  • BMX tracks

A bitumen seal is formed by the spraying of a bitumen binder and covering with a layer of aggregate. A seal may contain more than one application of binder and / or aggregate.

A pavement is resealed as part of a periodic maintenance program when the condition of the existing surface requires the application of new bitumen binder and aggregate to restore one or more of the functions of the original seal. This provides a new surface on which vehicles run and re-water proofs the pavement. 

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